byPass Pattern, PIN, FRP Oppo A71 Unlock Tool

So long story short, I got the Oppo A71 Android Pattern Job ByPass. But it's not as usual where the problem of the Oppo A71 Android that is locked in a Pattern or PIN can be easily solved using the Hydra Qualcomm Tool application. Where after I did repeat the experiment always failed. I've tried turning it off and on a few times and using the Auto and manual select models until restarting the computer, but the Oppo A71 is still locked, the pattern can't be ByPass.

Finally, I used another Mainstay Tool, namely the Unlock Tool by hiring a ByPass Via Remote service because I have not subscribed to the Unlock Tool Application and the results don't take long in a matter of minutes the problem of the Oppo A71 locked pattern can be easily solved.

The following is a step-by-step guide to ByPass Pattern, PIN, and FRP Android Oppo A71 with the Unlock Tool Application:

  1. Connect Oppo A71 with the computer using the Qualcomm EDL Test Point method
  2. Run the Unlock Tool Application, search for and find and select Oppo A71
  3. On the Menu Tab BROM|EDL select Option [EDL] Factory Reset
  4. Wait for ByPass Process
  5. Done

That's the tutorial on How to Bypass Android Oppo A71 which is super stubborn, doesn't work/fails to be bypassed using the Hydra Qualcomm Tool which in the end it turns out that can be easily bypassed using the Unlock Tool.