Bypass VIVO Y12s PD2036F FRP Locked

A day ago, an Android VIVO Y12s user has come to me who is having problems with his Y12s cellphone being locked in an FRP Google Account after doing a Factory Reset Back to Factory Settings. the owner completely forgot the Google account he had synced and there was no way except by ByPass.

To solve Android VIVO Y12s locked FRP Google Account here I use one of the Mainstay Tools, namely Hydra MediaTek Tool, and the following steps ByPass FRP VIVO Y12s with Hydra MediaTek Tool:

  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  2. Brand Options Select VIVO, Model: Y12s (PD2036F)
  3. On the Service Menu Select Factory Reset Protection [FRP] Then Click Execute
  4. Connect Vivo Y12s in the Power Off state while pressing Volume Up and Down Button
  5. HydraMediaTek Tool will detect and read VIVO Y12s device, please wait for the bypass process to run automatically
  6. Done

When finished, unplug the USB data then turn on the VIVO Y12s and do the settings for setting up the VIVO Y12s as they should be.

That's an easy tutorial on how to ByPass FRP VIVO Y12s PD2036F using the Hydra MediaTek Tool which has been proven successful and you can try to practice.