How to ByPass PATTERN, PIN, FRP VIVO Y20 V2027

For the first time, I experienced difficulty and failure with the VIVO Y20 V2027 Pattern ByPass. Usually, the problem of VIVO Y20 is Pattern Locked or PIN and FRP can be easily and quickly bypassed using the Hydra Tool.

But not for the VIVO Y20 V2027 that I just handled, many times I tried to bypass using the Hydra Qualcomm Tool it always failed. even though I've tried the Auto option in the Band Options and settings that are adjusted to the VIVO Y20 V2027 brand and type, it still ends up failing with a notification as shown in the screenshot below.

Aside from changing the Boot Settings option, I also tried changing the USB Data cable and also updating the Hydra Tool Application. But still, it didn't work and in the end, it worked only after using the Unlock Tool Application.

How to bypass Pattern, PIN and FRP VIVO Y20 V2027 using the Unlock Tool are as follows:
  1. Run the Unlock Tool Application
  2. Select VIVO Brand
  3. Find and Select VIVO Y20 and for the BROM|EDL menu tab select Factory Reset
  4. Connect VIVO Y20 V2027 with the computer using Qualcomm's Test Point EDL method
  5. Wait for the ByPass process to complete by itself
  6. Done
With the unlock Tool the problem of failing to bypass Pattern, PIN, and FRP on Android VIVO Y20 V2027 can be easily and quickly overcome.