How to ByPass PIN Pattern FRP VIVO Y95 Hydra Qualcomm Tool

A day ago, an Android VIVO Y95 customer has arrived who is experiencing problems where the Android VIVO Y95 is pattern locked because the owner has forgotten the pattern and doesn't remember the pattern that was previously created.

To solve the problem of forgetting a pattern or PIN on Android, I usually use one of my mainstay tools, the Hydra Tool. Here are the steps for ByPass Pattern, PIN, and FRP VIVO Y95 with Hydra Qualcomm Tool:

  1. connect VIVO Y95 with a computer using the Qualcomm EDL Test Point method. For those of you who don't know how to test point and where is the ELD Qualcomm VIVO Y95 Test Point, please search google first.
  2. Run the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application, Brand select VIVO, Model Y95 (1807)
  3. Select Universal Tab, select Format/Factory Reset option, Select Zero Wipe then click Execute
  4. Wait for the Bypass Process to finish automatically
  5. Done

After the ByPass process is complete, try turning on the VIVO Y95. When it is first turned on, the VIVO Y95 will look like a boot loop, long loading or lit without a logo display. No need to panic, just leave it until the Wipe process completes by itself.