byPass PIN Pattern FRP VIVO Y95 UFI Android Toolbox

The story is that today I have an Android VIVO Y95 user who is locked in a pattern. The owner forgot not to remember the pattern he had made before. because the owner really doesn't know the pattern of his VIVO Y95, the solution to this is by bypassing it and here I use the UFI Android Toolbox.

Previously I've tried to use the Hydra Qualcommtool Application. but failed, even though for the brand option I have been attempting to choose according to the brand and type and I have also tried the auto mode the results still fail.

Cara ByPass Pola & PIN VIVO Y95 Dengan UFI Android Toolbox
  1. Connect VIVO Y95 with a computer using the Qualcomm EDL test point method, VIVO Y95 test point is next to the fingerprint socket
  2. Run UFI Android Application ToolBox, Select Qualcomm Chipset, Brand select VIVO, Qualcomm Platform and load firehose VIVO Y95 manually
  3. Click Identify Device and wait for the UFI Android ToolBox application to read the device perfectly, then click the Special Text menu and select Factory Reset Option
  4. Wait for the process until a notification appears Erasing user data ...done
  5. RemoveUSB data connector, remove the battery connector and plug it in again then turn on VIVO Y95
  6. On the VIVO Y95 screen a Wiping data notification will appear, just wait until the process is complete
  7. A Wipe Data Fail notification appears, confirm OK then Reboot Device
  8. VIVO will light up and like a stuck boot loop on the VIVO logo, no need to worry just leave it and wait for the process between 5 - 10 minutes
  9. Done

To overcome the Android VIVO Y95 locked FRP Google Account during the setup process for setting up the VIVO Y95 device after a factory reset, don't connect to the internet first. Create a pattern or PIN at the security stage, then at the face verification stage, just undo it. then return from the start and then connect to the internet network.

Those are the steps for ByPass Pattern or PIN and FRP Google Account VIVO Y95 using UFI Android ToolBox that you can try to practice yourself at home.