How to ByPass Oppo F1s Hydra Tool Pattern & PIN

A few days ago, I received an Oppo F1s Android user customer, where Android Oppo F1s was locked in a pattern because he forgot the pattern that was made earlier. the owner does not remember at all the pattern he has made himself and what can be done, one of the quickest and easiest solutions is to bypass the Oppo F1s with the consequence that all user data on the internal HP is lost due to Format / Factory Reset to factory settings. 

How to ByPass Oppo F1s Pattern & PIN with Hydra MediaTek Tool
  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  2. The Brand option is left alone, except if the bypass process fails, it can be set manually according to the Brand and Type of the Oppo F1s.
  3. On the Service Tab select Format/Factory/SreenLock, Flash Mode Select Auto or Erase Userdataor it could be Zerowipe Userdata
  4. Click Execute to start the ByPass Process
  5. Connect the Oppo F1s with the computer in a power-off state while pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously.
  6. Wait for Hydra MediaTek Tool Application Process, detect, read and bypass
  7. Done
That's the Easy Way To ByPass Oppo F1s Android Pattern or PIN using the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application that you can try to practice yourself at home.