Suspension of BPJS Payments, Here's the Solution!

Long story short, I haven't gotten a BPJS Registration Service Job for a long time, now a few days ago a user came and asked for help to be registered as a BPJS participant. the last time I registered a customer who wanted to become a BPJS participant via WhatsApp Pandawa.

But it turns out that after I tried to register BPJS via WhatsApp Pandawa, it seems that it is no longer valid. I repeatedly tried to request registration with no response, therefore I tried switching to BPJS registration through the JKN Kis Application.

After completing the registration, a new problem appears, namely, there is a Payment Suspension notification, here I am starting to get confused why there can be a Payment Delay even though I have not made a payment?

After I tried repeatedly to make payments through Alfa Mart and failed. Finally, I started to think long and remembered that previously every time I finished registering the BPJS bill payment was paid 14 days later than the registration date.

Alhamdulillah, it turned out to be true, after waiting 14 days later I tried to make a payment at Alfa Mart and it worked without any problems. so here it can be concluded that the BPJS Payment Suspension problem occurs because it is not yet time to make payments for participants who have just registered.

Payment of BPJS bills for new participants can be made after 14 days from the registration date and after payment of bills for the first time, BPJS membership status will be immediately active and usable.

To view the BPJS Card through the JKN Kis Application, please register by creating a Mobile User Registration account. After successfully creating an account and logging into the JKN Kis Mobile User account dashboard, select the card icon menu in the lower area, the BPJS Card will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:

To download it, please click the Send Email option, but later the file sent will not be the same as the card displayed above, but only information on the billing payment account number.

To get a BPJS Card, please wait approximately 2-4 weeks later. Usually, the BPJS card will be sent via POS. but if after waiting for about 1 month the BPJS card doesn't come, you can come directly to the BPJS office closest to where you live or you can also print it yourself at the printer