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StartAllBack Free Download

Download StartAllBack Free or Start Back is a tool to bring back to Windows 11 the classic Start menu and taskbars in the style of Windows 7 or Windows 10. It also allows you to add to the menu several additional functions, change the appearance of the taskbar, context menus, and notification area, Explorer, etc.

What is it and what is StartAllBack Full download for?

StartAllBack Free Windows 11 mainly allows you to revert some or all aspects of the Start menu and taskbar to the style of Windows 7 or 10. You can adjust the taskbar and the Start menu, or one without touching the other, and there are even some adjustments for the Explorer menu items.

Also, if you opt to tweak the Start menu, it's an attractive imitation, not the native Windows implementation. But Startisback makes up for it with deep customization of your quick access to programs and folders.

What can StartAllBack do?

  • Display shortcuts on taskbar icons.
  • Adjust the size of icons.
  • Move the taskbar to the top, left, or right edge of the screen.
  • Drag items to the taskbar.
  • Center the icons on the taskbar, but leave the start button on the left.
  • Use dynamic translucency.
  • Change Explorer user interface.
  • Ability to enable the old search box in Explorer.
  • Support dark mode for more dialog boxes.
  • Change the appearance of context menus.
  • New fonts, improved touch support
  • Launch applications and navigate to system partitions with one click from the Start menu.
  • Navigate drop-down menus.
  • Fast and reliable search.
  • Design the taskbar and start menu as in Windows 7, and Windows 10.
  • Ability to change the color of the user interface in all Windows applications.
  • Low consumption of system resources.

How to download and activate StartAllBack permanently?

We start with the download of StartAllBack Full 2023 by clicking on "View Links" rar password:, continue, and select the server from which we will download the compressed file which obviously includes the software, instructions, and activator or crack.

Initially, it gives you 30 days of trial, then you need to pay for the tool, so to avoid this you need to activate StartAllBack Windows 11. We need to copy the files from the crack folder in the program's installation directory, ready and you can enjoy them without limitations.

It should be noted that the activation process may vary depending on the version and other external factors that are not under our control, anyway, lose care as we update every time there is a new version.

System requirements

Obviously, this StartAllBack Crack is developed to run on Windows 11, so if this operating system runs on your PC, then the above-mentioned software should run on your PC or personal computer without any problems.


Overall, StartIsBack or StartAllBack Full Crack achieves its goal of bringing the Windows 7 start menu back to Windows 11. The program offers some tweaks that allow you to easily adjust some of the Windows 11 features, such as determining what the screen borders do. Overall, the solution works well.