Download VMware Fusion Pro v13.5 (macOS) & Install For Free

VMware Fusion Pro: Unleashing Mac Virtualization Capabilities


In the world of Mac virtualization, VMware Fusion Pro stands as a true champion. This powerful virtualization software enables Mac users to seamlessly run multiple operating systems and applications on a single Mac machine, making it an essential tool for professionals, developers, and enthusiasts. In this article, we'll explore the capabilities and benefits of VMware Fusion Pro, demonstrating how it empowers Mac users to enhance their productivity and flexibility.

Understanding VMware Fusion Pro

VMware Fusion Pro is a virtualization software developed by VMware, specifically tailored for macOS. It enables users to create, manage, and run virtual machines (VMs) on their Mac computers. These VMs can run a wide range of operating systems, including various versions of Windows, Linux distributions, and other software platforms. VMware Fusion Pro is known for its powerful performance, intuitive user interface, and extensive feature set, making it a valuable tool for a variety of use cases.

Key Features of VMware Fusion Pro

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: VMware Fusion Pro allows Mac users to run VMs that are compatible with other VMware products like VMware vSphere, ESXi, Workstation, and more. This interoperability is especially useful for businesses and professionals working in heterogeneous environments.
  • Unity Mode: This feature seamlessly integrates Windows or Linux applications into the Mac desktop environment, allowing users to run Windows apps directly from the macOS Dock. It offers a seamless user experience and productivity enhancement.
  • Snapshots and Clones: VMware Fusion Pro offers snapshot and cloning capabilities. Snapshots enable users to capture the state of a VM at a specific moment, allowing for easy backups and recovery. Cloning makes it simple to duplicate VMs for various testing and development purposes.
  • Resource Management: Users have granular control over resource allocation to VMs. You can customize CPU, memory, and storage configurations to optimize performance based on your specific needs.
  • High-Performance Graphics: Fusion Pro is optimized for graphics-intensive applications, including 3D gaming and design software. Users can leverage DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 support for an enhanced experience.
  • Linked Clones: This feature enables the creation of linked clones from a virtual machine. Linked clones share common virtual disk data with the parent VM, saving disk space and facilitating faster deployment.

Advantages of VMware Fusion Pro

  • Efficiency and Flexibility: VMware Fusion Pro empowers Mac users to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single machine, eliminating the need for separate hardware. This leads to increased efficiency and flexibility.
  • Seamless Integration: Unity Mode and Coherence Mode provide a seamless user experience, allowing Windows and Mac applications to work harmoniously, making multitasking a breeze.
  • Development and Testing: Developers can create a variety of development and testing environments, speeding up the development process while keeping their Macs clutter-free and efficient.
  • Compatibility: VMware Fusion Pro supports a wide range of operating systems, making it ideal for testing and running different software environments, applications, and software versions.
  • Resource Management: Users have complete control over resource allocation, ensuring that VMs perform optimally without affecting the host system's performance.

How to Install VMware Fusion Pro v13.5 (macOS) For Free

Follow the below instructions on How to Install VMware Fusion Pro v13.5 (macOS) For Free: 

  1. Download VMware Fusion Pro v13.5 (macOS) For Free
  2. Mount the dmg file
  3. Run the installer and install the app normally
  4. Use Keygen for activation
  5. That’s it, Enjoy!

That's the easy way to download and install the VMware Fusion Pro v13.5 (macOS) For Free application for your computer or laptop users with a Windows operating system.


VMware Fusion Pro is a game-changer for Mac users, providing them with the power to harness the capabilities of various operating systems without the need for additional hardware. This virtualization solution offers seamless integration, advanced resource management, and a wide range of features that cater to both professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you're an IT administrator, a software developer, or an everyday Mac user looking to expand your computing horizons, VMware Fusion Pro is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities on your Mac.