Tutorial How to Flash Lenovo A319 with SP Flash Tool

To overcome the problem of Lenovo Android system errors such as Bootloop or other type of system errors, one of which is the Flash Reset. Flash re-use can also be used to overcome the problem of Forgotten Pattern or screen PIN in addition to the way on HardReset through Recovery. android Lenovo A319 is a type of Android that uses Mediatek Chipset (MTK), so for the Flash process it must use the MTK Flash Tool like the SP Flash Tool.

Actually this tutorial is the result of the documentation of my experiment to overcome Android Lenovo A319 which is locked with Password Protection Privacy. it turns out the issue of Privacy Protection Pasword on Android Lenovo A319 cannot be overcome by Upgrading or Downgrading via standard Flash and required to reformat it first. For more details, please read my previous post entitled : How to Overcome Privacy Protection Password to Unlock Lenovo A319

Tutorial guide on How to Flash Lenovo A319

The following Guide How to Flash Android Lenovo A319 using the SP Flash Tool. For those of you who need Lenovo A319 Frimeware that have been tested, please download via the following link: Free Download Lenovo A319 Frimeware MT 6572 Tested

Run the SP Flash Tool, then load the Scatter file. Before pressing the Download button, do not forget to first remove the Checklist on PRELOADER to avoid the risk of Android Dead Total After Flash because the Frimeware version is not compitable.

Connect Android Lenovo A319 in Power Off condition using a USB cable while pressing the Up and Down volume buttons simultaneously. After the SP Flash Tool Application detects, reads the device and the flash process runs, release the button presses

Wait a few minutes until the flash process is finished marked with the appearance of the OK Download Notification as shown in the screenshot below:

After the Flash process is complete, unplug the USB cable then try turning on the Lenovo Android A319. Perform the Settings for setting up a new device following the existing procedure. Select Options to skip if available at certain steps so that the process of setting up the use of new devices after flash is faster.