How to ByPass iCloud Iphone 5S with FRPFILE Tools

In the previous post I have discussed how Cara Jailbreak Iphone 5S sebelum ByPass iCloud. Without being jailbroken first, the iCloud Iphone bypass process will not be able to be done.

After the Jailbreak process is complete and successful, the Iphone 5S will turn on normally in the Halo position.

Press the Home button to start setting the user language selection.

Select Manually Setting Options

At the stage of selecting a Wi-Fi network, do not connect the Iphone to the internet network. Stop here and the next step is to bypass iCloud using the FRPFILE Bypass Tool application.

Run iOS 12.4.7 ByPass by IFPDZ App. To get this tool, please contact me via WhatsApp Chat with the Chat link above the comments column. Paid files are not free, although getting them is free at first.

But to be able to get the iCloud ByPass application is not easy, it takes experimenting many times with many bypass applications that are distributed free of charge in every tutorial, especially tutorials on YouTube, but on average it doesn't work or doesn't work and is as easy as it is practiced in the video tutorial. for those of you who mind, please search Google and Youtube, search and find applications. But if you want a practical one, you can get it directly through me with the dowry.

Run iCloud ByPass Application with Run as administrator Option. But before that, make sure you have closed or disabled Antivirus and Windows Firewall Protection.

Before Confirming Click ByPass Set Application Priority with the High option, you can access these settings via the Task Manager.

A window will appear do you want to change the priority to confirm Change Priority

Click Bypass iOS 12.4.7 and wait for the process. Generally, the bypass application will Not Responding, just leave it no need to do any commands.

ICloud bypass process is complete and successful with the appearance of a notification Your device should be activated with success!

Press the Home button Iphone 5S then select Connect to iTunes

Conformation Continue without Wi-fi click Continue

When data & privacy appears unplug the USB cable connector and select Continue

Select the option Provide Touc ID Then

Select the option Use Touc ID

Select the Passcode Selection Option

Select the option Do not Use Passcode

Select the option Do not Use Passcode

Select Option Do Not Move Apps & Data

Select Options Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID?

Select the Do Not Use Option

Select Option Agree

Select Options Customize Settings

Select the Option to Install Pack Manually

Select Options Not Now

Select the option Enable Location Services

Select the option provide then in the settings

Select the option Do not share

Done, select Startup Menu

Finally iCloud ByPass Process is complete and successful. Iphone 5S can be used as it should be, however it is only limited to Wifi Only, it cannot be used for Calls and SMS, even though when installed the Signal Bar card is displayed.

If using the iOS 12.4.7 ByPass by IFPDZ application fails where when click Connect to iTunes Iphone 5S enters connect to iTunes mode as shown in the following photo: \

Use the ByPass application iFRPFILE Tools V2.3 tethered which I have also proven tested work.

The process is a little different, if previously the iPhone was only up to the process of preparing a Wifi network connection and not being connected to the internet network.

For this step the Iphone must be connected to the Wifi internet network. Just connect to the internet network via wifi until the Apple ID login screen appears as shown in the photo below:

Then do ByPass Icloud using ByPass application iFRPFILE Tools V2.3. After a successful bypass notification appears, access navigation again and the iPhone will enter the Data & amp; Privacy. The next step is to follow the insertion as previously described above.

Until here the iPhone 5S can be used as it should, but cannot be used for telephone and SMS access, only to be connected to the internet network via a Wifi network. The taboo for the bypass iPhone is that it cannot be turned off, so when the iPhone is turned off intentionally or runs out of battery power automatically when turned on, the iCloud will lock again. to keep your iPhone safe, see the next tutorial Tutorial on How to Set SafeShutdown on Iphone 5S.