Here's How to Install Windows 10 Original Laptop

When you buy a laptop at official stores that have collaborated with Microsoft Indonenesia then you will get a laptop with an Original Windows 10 System or you can also a technician where your shop bought a laptop that already has an Original Windows 10 Installer. when the laptop that you are using is having problems, for example, a windows error, you can try to reinstall it yourself, without having to pay for a windows reinstallation service at a computer and laptop service place. so that it can save expenses, and can also be anticipated if a computer or laptop suddenly experiences an error system you can fix it yourself.

Until now, there are still many computer and laptop users who depend on computer and laptop service providers in terms of reinstalling Windows. In fact, if you learn how to reinstall Windows, it's not that difficult. There are many tutorials on how to reinstall Windows and are easy to get just by searching google.

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Here I will share a guide on how to easily Reinstall Windows on a Laptop. This method actually can also be applied to reinstall Windows on a computer. It's just that there is a slight difference in the appearance of the BIOS settings, but the core and procedures are almost the same and very similar.

First, prepare a Windows Master Bootable Installer, either in the form of a Bootable Flashdisk or a Bootable DVD. For how to make a Master Bootable Installer Windows Flasdisk, I have discussed it before, please look for the Post on the Computer Label.

Guide on How to Reinstall the Latest Windows 10 Laptop Update

Turn on the laptop, then when the Laptop brand Logo appears press the F2 key to enter the System BIOS.

On the BIOS Setup Window select the Boot Menu Tab then Boot Priority Drive settings. If you are using the Flasdisk Bootable Installer then position the Flashdisk to be at the top of Number 1 as shown in the screenshot below.

and if you use the Windows DVD Master Installer then position the CDROM Drive to be the top sequence number 1. How to use the F5 and F6 Keys to swap positions.

Save the settings by pressing the F10 button, if the Save Configuration Change and Exit Now notification appears? Select Yes by pressing Enter. Or you can also go to the Exit menu, select Save and Change Configuration.

The laptop will restart and boot through the Windows Master Botable Installer, Set the Language to Insall and the Time and Curently Format according to the Language and Time Zone of your country. Hover over the Next Menu to continue and Press Enter. to navigate can use the Tab Key if the mouse is not functioning.

Example here I did not change the language Install and still use the default language Installer English (United States) but for the time zone setting options I choose Indonesia .

On the Windows Setup window, click Install Now, you can also press the Enter key

On the Windows Activate Tab select I don't have a product key if you don't have a Windows 10 Product Key .

On the tab Select Operating System You Want to Install select the version of Windows according to your wishes or tastes then click Next (If the cursor is not active use Tab to select and Enter for conformation).

Check List I Accept the license terms, Next

Choose Custom: Install WIndows Only (Advanced)

Select the Hard Drive that will be used as a Windows System. Be careful not to choose the wrong Data Storage Drive at the risk of data burning because the Drive will be reformatted automatically.

If a notification appears Windows can't be installed on Drive Partition, it means there is a difference in the Hard Drive format so it is not compatible. To fix this you have to equate between the System Format Drive Installer with the Drive to be installed. There are two types of Drive Formats, for the outdated version the Drive is usually MBR Fat32 / NTFS and for the latest version currently MBR is UEFI NTFS.

If you are faced with a problem like the one below, there are 2 Option options:

  1. Replace the Windows Master Bootable Installer with MBR format without having to delete all partitions and backup user data.
  2. Keep using the Bootable Installer Windows GPT UEFI by deleting and creating a new Hard Drive partition (RePartition Drive) and don't forget to back up all users first first so as not to lose data can copy it toExternal hard drive or flash disk with large capacity
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Usually the compatible Windows 10 Installer with the Fat32 / NTFS MBR Drive Format is an old version of Windows 10 under 2018 and for new versions to date the UEFI GPT format is generally used for the latest laptop releases today.

Select Drive then select the Delete menu, a confirmation window appears select OK

Do the same on the other drives to delete the Hard Disk partition

After all partitions are deleted it will become a single Drive Unallocated Space partition

Create a new partition by selecting Drive 0 Unallocated Space then selecting the New menu

To divide / partition the hard disk into several parts before pressing the Aply button, determine the size of the MB Hardisk System. For example, a laptop hard disk with a capacity of 500 GB reads 476,938 MB, I changed the number hundreds of 4 to 1, which means that the Hard Drive System will be 1.76,938 MB or 172.2 GB and the rest will later be used as a Data Storage Hard Drive.

Press the Apply button then OK when the confirmation appears as shown in the screenshot below:

To activate the System Space Drive Time, select Drive then Select New then Aplly. After that Select Back and Select Format. It can also be postponed and activated later via Explorer which I will include in the Tutorial Link at the end of the post.

it's time to start the install process, select the drive that will be used as a system then click nex

The Windows Installing process starts, wait until the next stage, the time it takes is usually between 15-30 minutes depending on the specifications of the laptop.

Select the language according to your country then click Yes

Select Keyboard Layout according to the language you are using, or you can choose the default language English United States Click Yes to continue

On Wanto Option to Add a Second Keyboard Layout? select Skip

Connect the laptop to the Wifi Internet Network. Herein lies the difference between older versions of Windows 10 and the latest updates today, where at the completion stage of the installation settings, the laptop is required to be connected to the internet network.

After the laptop is connected to the Wifi Internet network, click Connect Now to continue

Select Set up for personal us then click Next

Select Offline Account if you don't have a Microsoft Account

Select Limited Experience

Enter your user name, either your name or the name of your shop / business entity

Create a password, if you don't want to create a password just click Next

Click Yes to continue

Click Accept to continue

The Windows New Device setup process is complete

This process takes between 1 - 5 minutes

ReIntall Windows 10 Laptop with the latest Update success

The laptop is ready to be used again with the appearance of Windows 10 which is quite dazzling and cool.

That's the tutorial on how to reinstall a laptop with the latest Windows 10 update, hopefully it's easy to understand and practice. If anything is unclear or you want to be asked, please contact me via the Contact US menu. henceforth, please read the Tutorial How to Activate an Unallocated Unallocated Hard disk partition in Windows 10 which is the 2nd hard disk partition left over from the System Space so that it can be read and displayed in Windows Explorer.