Choice of STR Online Payment Methods

In the process of New Registration or Extension of the Health Worker STR online after the application is approved, the applicant must pay a printing and delivery fee of Rp. 100.000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah) using Billing code.

There are several ways or methods for online STR payments using a Billing code based on the notification of approval of the Online SRT Registration by the Indonesian Health Workers Council (MTKI) through Teller/ATM/e-Banking at 79 Perception Banks and POS Offices in Indonesia.

The following are some of the preferred methods that you can try to process STR Online payments using Billing codes:

Payment of STR Billing Code via BRI ATM
  1. Enter the ATM card and PIN.
  2. Press the "Other Transactions" menu. Select the "Payment" menu.
  3. Then select the "More" menu.
  4. Then select the MPN menu, then enter the billing code.
  5. Please fill in your billing code number. Don't forget to double-check before pressing "Right".
  6. After that, a verification page will automatically appear on behalf of the applicant
Payment of STR Billing Code via ATM BNI
  1. Insert the ATM card and fill in the pin.
  2. Select "More Menu".
  3. Then select the "Payment / Purchase" menu.
  4. Then press "Payments / Other Purchases".
  5. Select the "Tax" menu.
  6. Then select the menu "MPN Gen2" which will appear "Enter your billing code.
  7. Please enter your code number.
  8. Check the correctness of the number before pressing "right".
  9. Then the payment clarification menu will be rejected in the name of the applicant.
Payment of STR Billing Code via Mandiri ATM
  1. Insert the ATM card into the card slot
  2. Select language "Indonesia"
  3. Enter your PIN Select "More Menu"
  4. Press "Purchases/Payments"
  5. Select "Payments / Other Purchases"
  6. Press "Taxes"
  7. Select "MPN Gen2"
  8. Enter "Billing Code"
  9. You Press "RIGHT"
  10. Make sure your data is correct before pressing "Yes"
Payment of STR Billing Code via Mandiri Mobile Banking
  1. Run the Livin by Mandiri Application
  2. Enter your Account Username and Password
  3. Select the payment icon Click "New Payment"
  4. Select "State Income" In the provider institution, select "IDR Tax / PNBP / Excise"
  5. Enter billing code Please enter payment name Click Confirm
  6. Enter a description (this is optional) 
  7. Make payment 
Especially for online STR payments with Billing Code using Mobile Banking, you can see details on my previous post entitled: How to Pay STR Online with Billing Code

Those are some methods of paying STR Online with a Billing Code that you can try. Please choose the one that you think is easiest and in accordance with the availability of payment media in your respective environment.