The Best and Most Popular Custom ROMs Gaming Official

Are you bored with the look of your Android phone that looks like that? Or do you want to maximize the performance of your Android Phone? You can get a solution to all of that by installing a special Custom ROM on your Android Phone. Custom ROM is a ROM or firmware based on a specific Android operating system modified and customized by the developer to provide better performance than the default ROM or manufacturer's firmware.

Using a Custom ROM on an Android Phone will get some benefits that you don't get from using the Android Default ROM. Here are some of the benefits of using Android Mobile Custom ROM:

1. Can Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is factory default apps that are installed on Android devices. Bloatware is installed to increase the completeness of applications on the device. However, most of the bloatware applications that you rarely use and quite fill the internal memory on your Android Phone.

You can reduce or even remove all bloatware on your Android device by installing an Android Custom ROM. Apart from that, you can also choose the Google apps you need. So the internal storage on your Android device can be loose.

2. Can maximize Android Mobile Performance

Because you can reduce bloatware applications or applications that are not needed on Android devices, to minimize RAM usage. As a result, the performance of your Android device is much better for playing games, running multiple applications or multitasking, and so on. In addition, you can overlock to maximize Android system performance to the maximum extent and increase Android performance significantly.

3. Can Minimize Battery Power Usage

Because you have cut down on bloatware apps or important apps on your device, there are no more apps running behind the scenes of Android when you use Custom ROM. And as a result, you will feel your Android Mobile battery is much more economical and efficient. At least you will be more satisfied with the battery performance of your Android phone.

4.Get Android version update faster

If you want to experience the latest Android version faster, the solution is to use a Custom ROM on your Android Phone. You will get Android version updates in just a matter of weeks or months since the latest Android version was released. Compared to using factory default ROM, it has to patiently wait a few months to get an Android version update. 

5. Get Cool Features That Are Not In Factory ROM

because Custom ROMs are made by developers or third parties, a lot of extra features are in them. These features are quite interesting than the features provided by the default stock ROM. Such as Game Booster Features, Kernel upgrades, Google Camera, Various System Animations, and lots of cool new features that are certainly not present in the default Android ROM. manufacturer.

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In the following, I will share some Custom ROMs that are already popular and widely used by Android users, especially those based on Gaming Lovers with the Official Download Link aka Official from the developer so that the quality and security are to prevent unwanted things from happening after applying Custom ROM on Android You can be minimized as small as possible.


Starting off as the successor to the famous CyanogenMod Custom ROM, LineageOS is undoubtedly one of the most famous Custom ROMs. LineageOS aims to provide the same experience that OEMs do i.e. Stability, Security, and Speed ​​for all its devices. All devices officially supported by LineageOS follow a strict set of rules stated in its charter. The source code of both the ROM and the device is completely open-source. LineageOS even provides Weekly and Monthly updates for all officially supported devices. Many Custom ROMs use LineageOS as a development base. It can be assumed how well-known and trusted LineageOS is from the statistics that 1.8 million Android devices are running LineageOS. Works on LineageOS-16.0. Curious to try LeneageOS Custom ROM? Straight to Download Custom ROM LineageOS Official For Many Android Brand.


packing a lot of features but preferring stability over it, OmniROM is also one of the most famous Custom ROMs. OmniROM thrives on achieving new innovations while maintaining stability and has been able to do it perfectly. Open delta and OmniSwitch are some of the most well-known features of OmniROM out there. OmniROM is also used as the basis for many Custom ROM projects. Cool wallpapers, a large selection of apps, tons of features, stability, and security are some of the reasons why OmniROM is a great choice among users. Curious to try the OmniRom Custom ROM? Straight to Download OmniROM Official For Many Android Brand.

Paranoid Android

paranoid Android is that Custom ROM has long been one of the most popular and favorite choices among Android users. Not only stability, but Paranoid Android is also famous for its unique self-developed features. Recently, the team behind Paranoid Android released its official beta update for a select number of phones. Curious to try Paranoid Android Custom ROM? Straight to Download Paranoid Android Custom ROM Official For Many Android Brand.

Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix OS has been around since Android 4.0. Uncompromising stability over the amount of customization, Resurrection Remix OS is a real community favorite Custom ROM. All kinds of features you can imagine and want in an OS with stability, OTA, community support, and many other great things packed into this Custom ROM. There is continuous development while keeping in mind user preferences is one of the reasons why Resurrection Remix OS is one of the most famous. Curious to try Custom ROM Resurrection Remix OS? straight to: Download Resurrection Remix OS Official For Many Android Brand.

Pixel Experience

Developed by XDA Recognized Developer jhenrique09, Pixel Experience is a ROM that aims to bring as many features of the Google Pixel as possible to other devices. Nothing more or nothing less. It brings what Pixel has to offer to your Android device. Many Pixel Specific features like Pixel Exclusive Sounds, Wallpapers, Now Playing on the lock screen are available in Pixel Experience. It has become a very popular choice among users. Pixel Experience supports multiple devices while maintaining stability and security. Curious to Try Custom ROM Pixel Experience? Straight to Download Pixel Experience Official For Many Android Brand.

Pixel Extended

Similar to Pixel Experience, Pixel Extended is a ROM that aims to bring as many features as possible from the Google Pixel to other devices. Many Pixel Specific features like Pixel Exclusive Sounds, Wallpapers, Now Playing on the lock screen are available in Pixel Experience. It has become a very popular choice among users. Pixel Experience supports multiple devices while maintaining stability and security. Curious to Try Custom ROM Pixel Experience? Straight to Download Pixel Experience Official For Many Android Brand.

AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is an Android Custom ROM developed by XDA Recognized Contributor ishubhamsingh. Based on AOSP, it offers a select number of features from various Custom ROMs while keeping stability in mind. It comes from various features of famous Custom ROMs like LineageOS, OmniROM, Dirty Unicorn, ABC, and others. Curious to Try AOSP Extended Custom ROM? Straight to Download AOSP Extended Official For Many Android Brand.


An AOSP based Custom ROM project set to show its strength in Battery, Performance, and Customization without compromising security. Curious to Try LegionOS Custom ROM? Straight to Download LegionOS Official For Many Android Brand

Nusantara OS

Nusantara OS is a Custom ROM produced by the Indonesian Children of the Nation Project based on a Custom ROM Gaming with the distinctive name Nusantara, adding to the strong impression that this Custom ROM was actually developed by a Developer from Indonesia. Curious to try Nusantara OS Custom ROM? Straight to Download Nusantara OS Official For Many Android Brand

Corvus OS

Corvus is included in AOSP based custom, this ROM is inspired by dirty unicorns but with added other features. This ROM aims to prioritize stability while providing useful features. Corvus OS Custom ROM is one of the new ROMs. But this ROM turned out to be sloppy because according to many users including my own ROM has a pretty good performance. This special ROM can be one of the recommendations for a special ROM for playing games even as a daily driver to accompany daily activities. Curious to try Corvus OS? straight to: Download Corvus OS Official For Many Android Brand.

Havoc OS

Havoc-OS was developed as an AOSP based operating system and was inspired by the Google Pixel. The way users interact with the home screen is the same as for the Google Pixel. The user just swipes up in the column of the Google search field to open the list of installed apps. Curious to Try Havoc OS Custom ROM? straight to: Download Havoc OS Official For Many Android Brand

That's the current list of Popular Custom ROMs that can be a reference for those of you who are looking for a place where you can download Official Custom ROMs directly from the official Android Custom ROM developer website. Don't forget to share this post with your friends who need information about Android Custom ROMs in various brands.

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