Understanding and How to Use Google Meet

The spread of the COVID-19 outbreak to the rest of the world makes some activities such as business, tasks, and teaching move to digital. This is a new thing by forcing some people to use the internet in communication. WFH (Work from Home) regulations have been decided by the government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 but still carry out tasks from home.

Conferencing video services such as Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, Skype, Cisco Webex, and others are an option to always perform face-to-face online. Zoom Meeting is one of the most widely used meeting programs today. In April 2020, Zoom Meeting has up to 300 million daily users. The following arguments make some platforms develop and add feature meetings. One of them is Google that is serious about improving the features and services of Google Meet. The combination of features between Google Hangouts and Google Chat makes Google Meet the 2nd option, in addition to Zoom Meeting

The Google Meets app

Google Meet is a video conference application or can also be referred to as an online meeting. Google Meet is one of the products made by Google as a video communication service developed by Google. Google Meet is one of two apps with the latest version of Google Chat and Google Hangouts. In October 2019, Google discontinued the classic version of Google Hangouts.

In February 2017 Google Meet was launched only for iOS users who had been done silently. However, in the following month, Google officially issued the Google Meet application. Communication services used as video meeting programs can be followed by up to 3o participants. Google Meet is claimed to be an increasingly powerful version compared to the pioneering version of Google Hangout, because Google Meet can be accessed by Android and iOS, and can be accessed using the applied web.

How to Download Google Meet on Laptop

How to download google meet using a smartphone is really very easy different things when you download google meet via laptop or pc, some people are ignorant when they will download google meet using the netbook. But you don't need to worry because we will explain how to download Google Meet on your laptop. To clarify this article until it runs out.

Follow the following ways so that you know how to make Google Meet on the laptop.

1. Install Bluestack App

If you do not have this application on your laptop, you must install it first to make it easier for you to download Google Meet.

2. Enter the Play Store

After you install it you can open the application and then select the Google Play Store and then search for the Google Meet

3 app. Select the Google Meet

Buka Play Store app and select the Google Meet app you want to download.

4. Install the Google Meet

Click install the app to download the app and wait until the download is complete and then you can open it

5. Google Meet Account Registration

Then register a Google Meet account and install, after the register is completed you can use Google Meet.

How to Join Google Meet

1. Click Joint Now Or Present

For you as a host during a meeting because it can press the present button. That is, you can start to do a meeting and invite other participants. Share the next link password for a joint meeting with other meeting participants.

Menu joint now is how to use Google Meet on a Laptop to join meetings that have been created or running. You will get the next password link to conduct the meeting. When joined you will be in the room and can have direct talks.

2. Link to join other participants

If you host a meeting because it can share the link with other participants. Directly participants will enter the created room and need to enter a password.

How to Use Google Meet on a

1 Laptop.

Google Meet search in the search field

To get this app, you must search for Google Meet in Google search. You will be directed to that site. There are many menus that you can use before starting face-to-face.

2. Sign in an account or create an account

How to use Google Meet on your Laptop once you're on your homepage. Try to sign in using an account you already have on Google Meet. If you never create an account, you can use all accounts connected to Google.

3. Click join or start meeting

How to use Google Meet on a Laptop before meeting Click Join or Start Meeting in the menu. Here you can get a meeting ID or identity to do the meeting. Directly can get the next password link.

4. Write the title at the meeting

You can add the title to the meeting or will be held. In-person, the title can be seen by some meeting participants. How to use Google Meet on this Laptop to make it easier for anyone to know who is doing meeting invitations.

5. Give access to microphone and camera permissions

How to use Google Meet on a Laptop which is next to set up on the microphone and camera. You can check on the camera or microphone when it is by the settings. Without giving permission or access to the 2nd   this section, therefore, the meeting can not run optimally.


to Create a Google Meet Link on a Laptop Without An App

This time we will create and share the Google Meet link through a computer device (PC), as for mobile or android phones more or less the same tutorial. Google Meet can be used and for free up to 25 virtual meeting participants. Nach, for versus paid, can accommodate members of up to 250 people.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser or something else on your Laptop

2. Then you open the https://apps.google.com/meet/

3 link. On the Google Meet home page, you press the Start Meeting button.

4. Allow Meet to use your camera and microphone when you exit this notification you specify Allow so that the camera on the laptop can record our activities. In addition, the camera for the audio will also be recorded but you can also turn it off.

5. When you start recording standards, you will have this kind of notice: Your meeting's ready. Just below it is the option "Sharing this meeting link with others you want in the meeting" where you can share the Google Meet link.

6. As for sharing Google Meet links you can press the Copy (Copy) button.

7. Nach, for how to share other Google Meet links, you can open the Dropdown Menu Meeting details. Then you open the Details option and then press Copy joining info.

8. You can also copy the link directly from the browser's address bar. Currently, you can spread Google Meet links to school or work colleagues either through WhatsApp Chat, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

How to Record on Google Meet

How are some steps to record Google Meet on Computer and Laptop:

  1. First, open Google Meet in laptop /PC browser
  2. Select New meeting and then select Start an instant meeting to start a new meeting
  3. Flight entered, click icon three vertical dots at the bottom
  4. In addition to specifying recmeeting sting to record
  5. In the existing discussion box, select Recording
  6. Seterusnya select Start recording, then select Start
  7. Anti there will be a red box REC icon in the top left corner of the sign is recording
  8. When you have finished the meeting, only click Stop recording on the right side window to stop recording
  9. I can click the icon three vertical dots below and then specify Stop recording
  10. The stop recording on the existing notification
  11. Automatic the recording file will be stored in Google Drive storage in the Google account used for Google Meet
  12. Seterusnya just open Google Drive, therefore the recording file is in the form of a video and is generally stored in a folder called Meet Recordings
  13. Selesai

How to Record Google Meet on HP

To record on Google Meet via HP, generally do not appear feature record meeting. Then we need a little trick to record a meeting on Google Meet through our Android phone and of course must still use a Google Workspace account or belajar.id account that has signed in to Google Meet.

  1. Some steps to record Google Meet on HP:
  2. First, open the Google Chrome Browser on HP
  3. Select the three vertical dot icons in the top right corner
  4. The checklist on the Desktop site option
  5. After going to the Google Meet site in Chrome
  6. Seterusnya specify the New meeting and then specify start an instant meeting
  7. In the meeting view, specify the icon of the three vertical dots below
  8. After selecting record meeting
  9. Di the recording window view, select Start recording, then select Start
  10. Anti there is a REC icon in the red box in the top corner left of the sign is recording
  11. Udah finished recording can specify Stop recording
  12. I can also select the icon of three vertical dots below and select Stop recording
  13. Hasil the recording is saved automatically in the form of a video file on Google Drive storage in the Google account used to sign in to Google Meet
  14. Hasil the recording is generally stored in the Meet Recordings folder on Google Drive
  15. Selesai

Amp feature PPT in Google Meet

We want to teach online in the Google Meet App by showing a Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, therefore when sharing the slide screen in google meet, and the slide we display (slideshow) then the slideshow will cover all monitor screens (full screen) until we can not watch the meeting participants who listen to our presentation.

But the steps to display Presentations with PowerPoint in Google Meet While Viewing Meeting Participants:

  1. Buka Presentation in PowerPoint, then:
  2. Click Tab Slide Show
  3. Click Icon Set Up Slide Show
  4. In the Setting Show discussion box, click Browsed by an individual (window)
  5. Click ok button
  6. After setting the slide show in PowerPoint, go to the Google Meet
  7. Click the view share screen icon, click A window
  8. Set the PowerPoint window
  9. Click Share
  10. Click Presentation window, lower the PowerPoint window, and Click Slide Show
  11. Tara... Slide learning media appear full screen, and we can start the presentation while watching our meeting participants' students.

How to Create a Meeting on Google Meet

To make a Meeting on Google Meet is still said to be easier than other Meeting provider applications because users do not need an application to create for a computer/netbook.

How to Create a Meeting on Google Meet Via Laptop and Computer

  1. In the Google Chrome browser, write it in the search field 'Google Meet'
  2. Login first uses your Google account.
  3. In addition to Determine a New Meeting / New Meeting
  4. How to Create a Meeting on Google Meet Easily
  5. Choose to Start an Instant Meeting (if it will be a Meeting directly) or create a Meeting for later.
  6. Copy the existing URL link and then share it with participants

The Event to Create a Meeting on Google Meet Via iOS or Android

Google Meet is available on both iOS and Android phones that can be downloaded and for free. Here's how to create a Meeting on Google Meet on iOS or Android:

  1. Download the Google Meet App first through the Appstore or Playstore
  2. In the Google Meet App after downloading
  3. Ind into a Google Account first, and make sure it is not wrong in filling in the account data
  4. I access permission for the camera and microphone first so that the sound and video can work well
  5. If you have entered the Google Meet app on your phone, specify a new Meeting menu.
  6. In addition, determine the instant meeting if you immediately want to hold a face-to-face.
  7. Then the URL code link to meeting participants to enter the same Meeting room.
  8. I plan on Google Calendar if you want to arrange for tomorrow to create a face-to-face meeting.

When we are not meeting event creators, ask the URL link implementer to join immediately.

How to Show All Participants on Google Meet

Use Google Meet Tiled View

To display all meeting participants at once on your screen in grid format, specify Tiled.

  1. Click menu More options (three vertical dots) at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Set-Up All Participants on Google Meet
  3. Set Change lay-out.
  4. The All Participants in Google Meet
  5. The bubble from the Tiled side. Use the slider to select the number of grids/tiles to watch at all.
  6. Close the Change Layout discussion box by clicking the X in the top right corner (or outside the box) to see all the meeting participants on your screen in the grid.

Memakai Sidebar View Google Meet

Better for small meetings, the sidebar view displays speakers on a special section of the screen and a small box of non-speaking participants in the sidebar on the right side.

  1. Click icon More options and specify Change lay-out.
  2. The All Participants in Google Meet
  3. Set sidebar view and close the box to watch speakers in a dedicated section of the monitor and other participants in the sidebar.
  4. Tam All Participants in Google Meet
  5. Bit the side appears to the right of the conversation window.

How to View Google Meet History

Activities such as learning, working, creative meetings can now all be done online. One of the implications used for virtual meetings is Google Meet. Many users are starting to use this application for meetings. Google Meet is a video conferencing media that can be filled by up to 100 people. Users can also take advantage of the google meet history view step to finding what the meeting activity looks like. Here's how to read the info in history:

1. Sign in

Mas in Google Admin. Users can log in not using the current account but through an administrator account. On the admin console page, access the "Reports" menu. Next in the section of the name "Log Audit" specify "Google Meet". This Audit Log is the place where all meeting activities are stored.

I can adjust which side you want to watch, click the menu "Take Care of Columns" which with the wheel logo swirls like Structuring in general. through this arrangement, users can set which columns to watch and which ones they want to be inserted only. After controlling it, press "Put".

2. Reading the Participant ID

See the side named participant ID. The step to see the history of Google Meet in this menu is to know who is attending the meeting. Here there is info in the form of telephone numbers, email addresses, usernames, countries, regions, and e-mails from implementers.

Info can be shown clearly alias can be read easily, some are disguised alias incomplete, generally using the star emblem as an effort to cover some info. There is also a similar thing that does not show the info. It depends on the device arrangement of each participant who participates in the meeting.

3. Reading the Name of the Activity

Add a filter in the form of "Activity Name". In this section, users can see events that occur throughout the time the virtual meeting is running. There's a lot of info available. The congestion ratio shows how much percentage when the network is experiencing problems, such as non-constant jitters. In the bit speed menu, the info is in the form of the amount of sound and video in the calculation of KBps (kilobits) every second.

Bandwidth describes how network predictions are needed to send and receive data from voice, presentation, or video. The count is still using KBps. Furthermore, there are reports of irregularities that contain info on the participants who complained there was abuse. The administrator can also find out the number or e-mail submitted.

4. Data Time Available

There time the data provided has not displayed the latest data (real-time). This is common because the time before the data was intercepted there were many times it took Google to prepare an audit log report for the Administrator. There is a lot of data that requires more and more time, but the average data takes a minimum of a day and is optimal for 3 days to be shown precisely.

5. Find Other Data

If the data obtained is not enough, users can connect other Google Meet info from https://dukungan.google.com/a/answer/9287249 It's helpful to know the time and cost of the call. Users can reevaluate the types of events that occur in Google Meet through a special API from Google Workspace Admin at the address https://developers.google.com/admin-sdk/reports/v1/appendix/activity/meet.

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That's the info about how to view Google Meet history is called an audit log. Administrators can take advantage of the data obtained from this audit log to reassess the course of virtual meetings. This will be useful for fixing the next face-to-face so that the course of the meeting can run better