How to Check Covid Vaccine Certificate Online

A Vaccine Certificate is a sign of proof that an individual has actually followed and received vaccinations from the Government. For those of you who don't know how to check the Care Protect Vaccine Certificate and are looking for a tutorial on how to check Vaccine Certificate Online, right here I will share a tutorial on how to easily check a Covid vaccine certificate online using a computer, laptop or cellphone android. there are 2 ways to check the Covid Vaccine Certificate Online as follows:

1. Check Online Covid Vaccine Certificate via Android Mobile

For how to Check Online Covid Vaccine Certificate on Android cellphone, all we need to do is download the cares to Protect application on Playstore and install it. After successfully installing the Cares Protect Application, the next step is to create a Cares Protect account using the mobile number used when vaccinating.

The next step is your Profile Name Icon Tab in the upper left corner, then select Vaccine Certificate Options. Enter NIK and Date of Birth if asked to complete the Profile. then we can see the Vaccine certificate and download it.

2. Check Online Covid Vaccine Certificate via Computer and Laptop

For how to Check Online Covid Vaccine certificates using a Computer and Laptop, we need to visit the WebsiteCareProtect.create an account first if you don't have an account at PeduliLindung, or for those of you who already have an account, you can directly login using your email or cellphone number.

After successfully logging in to the PeduliLindung website page, then click Check Your Certificate as shown below screenshot below:

Fill in the data Full Name, NIK, Date of Birth, Vaccine Date, Vaccine Type then confirm I'm Not a Robot and Click CHECK

For the type of vaccine, you can try Sinovac, Moderna, or Astra. So if the data is valid, the Vaccination Certificate will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:

To download it, simply right-click the Vaccine Certificate Image and select the Save Image As option. For those of you who experience the Restrictions on Downloading Vaccine Certificates "Too Many Trials, Please Try Again Tomorrow" click the following link Solution How to Overcome Failed to Download Vaccine Certificate

That's a Tutorial Guide for Easy Ways to Check Covid Vaccine Certificates Online at PeduliLindung for your computer, laptop, or Android mobile users. specifically to check vaccine certificates using the Android Browser, Computer and Laptop You can check and download other people's vaccine certificates with a download limit of 5 certificates within 1 x 24 hours.