Tutorial How to Jailbreak Iphone 5S before ByPass iCloud

In the previous post I have discussed how how to Flash an Iphone 5S that is experiencing Bootloop or stuck at the Apple logo which can also be applied to overcome an Iphone 5S screen password locked or Lock Screen.

Before bypassing iCloud on an iPhone 5S or other iPhone types, one of the conditions that must be done is to break the iPhone so that it can be easily bypassed later. So the iPhone must be jailbroken first before you can bypass iCloud. Jailbreak based on the information I have obtained generally means the Android Root process.

Based on the proven experience of bypass iCloud Iphone 5S, there are 2 choices of Jailbreak methods. The first one uses Bootable Linux and the second uses Bootable MAC OS (Ra1nUsb). Of the two methods, in my opinion, the easiest and fastest jailbreak process is to use Ra1nusb Bootable MAC OS.

But to be able to use Ra1nusb Bootable MAC OS not all computers or laptops can be applied. For older computers and laptops that have not implemented the UEFI (Windows 10) operating system, you cannot use Ra1nusb Bootable MAC OS and the choice falls on Bootable Linux.

So please adjust your choice to the condition of your computer and laptop, whether you have UEFI support or not. For the Ra1n Bootable Linux Master File, please Download HEREand for the Bootable Master File Ra1nusb MAC OS Download HERE. BalenaEtcher Download HERE.

After you download it, just extract it and create a bootable using the BalenaEtcher application. Use a flash disk with a capacity of at least 2GB. Select File via the Flash From File menu, then select Flasdisk and Click Flash!.

As a side note for those of you who use Ra1n Linux use the user "anon" Password "voidlinux" and the command to run Ra1n Jailbreak " Sudo checkra1n "

Connect Iphone 5S with computer in Halo window condition. Then restart your computer after you successfully made the bootable. Enter the bios menu and then set the computer to boot using a bootable flash disk.

Wait a few moments then the computer will enter the MAC OS Boot window then the desktop screen will appear many lines of writing boot, just let it not need any commands.

Select and Select the language you want to use, Click the Continue Icon

Ra1nUSB window appears, click Continue

On the Ra1nUSB by TTJB Team window, click the Utilities menu, then select Terminal...

Type ra1nusb Command then press Enter Keyboard (the letter "i" is represented by the number "1).

Click Start to start the iPhone Jailbreak process 5S

Iphone 5S will automatically be forced and enter recovery Mode

Before Klick Start, Take the Iphone 5S which is still connected to the computer via USB cable. Then follow the instructions displayed in the Check Ra1n Application.

Once you click start it will automatically enter stage 2 press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously, when entering stage 3 release the power button press and keep pressing and holding the home button press. when the setting up the exploit process appears, release the home button and wait for the jailbreak process to complete.

Iphone 5S will restart and turn on again. On the screen, a small line of text will appear indicating the jailbreak process is running.

Proses jailbreak selesai ditandai dengan munculnya notifikasi Done. Klick Done kemudian close Terminal. Klick logo Apple kemudian pilih perintah restart ke komputer.

Iphone 5S back on normally in Helo position and has succeeded in Jailbreak

The next step is ByPass iCloud Iphone 5S using the FRPFILE ByPass Tool application . Don't turn off the jailbroken iPhone, just let it stay alive until the iCloud ByPass process is successful.